Monday, April 19, 2010

Whew! Last week was a busy one...

Sorry for the delay in posting these sightings, but the whales were keeping me hoppin' last week.
First of all, most of you probably caught wind that the Kodiak Killers made quite a few appearances last week. I received several reports throughout the week and saw them myself on Thursday. The group consisted of only three animals; the large bent male fin, the three year old calf and their mom. The second female and her calf were no where to be seen.

Also on Thursday, Kate and I flew an aerial survey of the north half of the island. We counted 71 gray whales. Some of these whales were clearly feeding as we saw big mud plumes from the air, but some were definitely cruising by on their way further north.
I have not received any reports of gray whales out in Chiniak or Marmot Bays, but maybe the king fishing has been too hot to pay attention!